Don't steal from me, Senator Obama

I signed a petition asking my legislators not to approve a bailout. I got a response from Senator Obama similar to the one quoted elsewhere.

Dear Senator Obama:

I contacted you earlier writing against the bailout, and received your reply.

Given your commitment to a bailout, I'm glad you're looking for ways to improve matters. But you are planning to remove thousands of dollars from my pocket, either as taxes or as devaluation of the dollar, to pay for mistakes made by private citizens.

You do not have my consent to do this. It is stealing from me.

Merely waving your hands and saying "liquidity" and "worsening downturn" is not enough explanation for why you're planning to take money from me. You owe us better than that.

Furthermore, you point to a need to rescue the economy. Have you considered the effects of inflation on the economy? Talking about bailing out mortgages without any discussion of the inflation this will create makes it look like you are only interested in protecting the rich. I'm sure you don't want that.

Another topic that isn't being discussed: is it the right answer to go on creating a socialist regime in the US? Buying up companies and personal loans? This isn't the America I grew up in. It sounds more like China. Are you for or against this approach?

The closest you came to answering my call to vote against a bailout plan was "I agree that urgent and decisive action is necessary during this time of economic turmoil". Please come back with a better answer for your actions than that.