Providing a format to RESTful resource routes

I am absolutely loving the RESTful support in Rails 1.2. It uses conventions to tilt the playing field toward domain-driven design. Yum, yum, yum. My favorite use of conventions in Rails yet. The URLs are meaningful, the controllers now have a clear design, it's an appropriate and extensible abstraction, life is good and Rails apps are much improved for it.

But I ran into a hitch that foiled me for a little while. I only solved it by spelunking into the code, so I'm posting the solution in hopes that Google will be a better friend about this.

Simply providing a :format option to a resource's named route doesn't work as expected.

photo_path(:id => 1, :format => 'png') #=> /photo/1?format=png

Instead, the resources routing method defines a separate named route prefixed with formatted_:

formatted_photo_path(:id => 1, :format => 'png') #=> /photo/1.png

Tricky...I wonder what it would take to make this complication unnecessary.