Calculate next weekday in Ruby on Rails

I had to advance a Time to the next weekday for a client Ruby on Rails project. I admit I dreaded writing that code, I somehow imagined awful hacks atop awful hacks.

I'm happy to report it didn't turn out quite so bad after all:

def next_weekday(original_date)
  one_day = 60 * 60 * 24 # in Rails just say
  weekdays = 1..5 # Monday is wday 1
  result = original_date
  result += one_day until result > original_date && weekdays.member?(result.wday)

And the test that drove it:

def test_next_weekday_skips_weekend
  original_date = # a Friday
  assert_equal(5, original_date.wday, "this test should give a Friday")
  new_date = next_weekday(original_date)
    new_date > original_date,
    "new date should be after the original date"
    1, new_date.wday,
    "new date should be a Monday since we gave a Friday"

Please feel free to embarrass me with your improvements in the comments.